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Reel Waste and Recycling provides the collection of waste and recyclables from on location production companies and special events. Family owned and operated serving Los Angeles and surrounding areas in Southern California.

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We’ve all heard the buzzwords, slogans, and catch phrases; sustainability, environmentally friendly, Save Green by Going Green, Greening the Screen, and yes I hate to admit it, but even we have one too.  But, it’s more than just a slogan to us.  It’s our business, our livelihood, and our passion.  Tom often tells people, “he was born in a 3 yard dumpster”!  You see, his family had a trash business while he was growing up and he’s worked in the waste industry all of his life.  A lot has changed over the years though.  Due to the impact that our waste has had on the environment, recycling and diverting material from our waste stream is of vital importance.

About a year and a half ago an amazing opportunity was presented to us.  This has allowed us to really make an impact on how and where on-location production waste is disposed of.  So thus began our journey.


 recycle-logo-webReel Waste & Recycling services the entertainment industry exclusively.  100% of all waste from on-location productions that we remove is diverted from any landfill.  We worked with the production team of the Walt Disney feature, “The Muppets” to ensure they were doing all they could to recycle.  With a certified NTEP scale, we provided the on-location Environmental Steward, with recycling reports regarding what percentage of different materials they, as a production team, were diverting from the landfill.  It’s extremely exciting and fulfilling for all involved to see their diligence and hard work on a visual graph.  This was the second Walt Disney Feature we have supplied reports for.  I’m very proud to say, whether or not the production requires actual recycling reports or not, all of our customers can rest assured that no waste we remove is sent to a landfill.

As local small business owners that are totally supported by the entertainment industry, we support FilmLA, the Film Works campaign, the local 399, and the LMGA.  We look forward to getting more involved with helping prevent runaway film productions which in turn will also help California’s economy.  So, please allow me to be cheesy one last time and say, “Get Reel” and let us help Green your production today!

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Reel Waste & Recycling, LLC

Vision Statement

To become the number one recycling partner to on-location studio industry and special event coordinators who are responding to customer requests for "green events".


Mission Statement

To provide the most reliable source separation recycling services to on-location studio productions and special event coordinators.